Sonic Generations (2011) [Retro] Review

I have a love/hate relationship with Sonic games, for the most part I find them enjoyable and fun but they can get extremely frustrating very easily. This was a concern of mine when entering Sonic Generations, a love letter to fans to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Generations features three sections with three levels each showcasing an era of Sonic, the classic era, Dreamcast era and modern era. These levels provide welcome nostalgia as you play through them with the Sonic of that generation. The game features two Sonics, classic and modern. Classic Sonic plays through levels with a 2.5D aspect which is a nostalgia trip in itself but also a clever design for levels of later generations that weren’t initially designed that way. Modern Sonic plays in 3D much like most of the modern Sonic games which gives players a different view of classic levels such as Green Hill Zone.

Gameplay wise, it is fun and fast as you’d expect from a Sonic game but also rarely frustrating as I find many Sonic entries to be. As for modern Sonic, there is a much bigger margin for error in this game and guiding Sonic to enemies or railings is made easy thanks to a homing attack that homes with general accuracy which is in issue I have found in previous games. Each level plays relatively well with the Sonic ’06 level being the most out of place as you would expect given that games poor reception but is still a welcome addition to showcase that Sega is acknowledging all of Sonics history. The game also features challenge levels for each level which revisits the levels with specific finish requirements, such as, use this character in this way to get to the finish before time runs out.

Sonic has never looked better with the cartoony style accompanied by beautifully recreated levels. Character models are also well created with classic and modern Sonic both having unique styles whilst also not compromising on who Sonic is.

The score, as you’d expect from a Sonic game, is phenomenal with remixes of much loved themes. The story is simple, featuring a demon that is trying to wipe out Sonics history by trapping his friends leaving it up to Sonic to save them. It’s simple but what you would expect from a Sonic game. I would have liked the game to have been a bit longer to allow for more than 9 nostalgia trips but appreciate that the levels that were featured where done so with love and care.

Another feature of the game is upgrades by way of constant dash, invincibility etc which can be purchased with points earned in the levels. This is a feature that I didn’t look in to but I didn’t find the upgrades imperative to completing the game as the difficulty is relatively simple. There was also an option to unlock a classic games console to play Sonic in all his original glory but as I’ve played original Sonic on many different platforms I didn’t find this necessary either.


Sonic can often be a frustrating character, with a struggle to find his feet in the 3D era. Sonic Generations highlights the best of the best whilst not ignoring Sonics imperfections. The game is fun and nostalgic and the perfect game for Sonic fans, both young and old.

+ Nostalgic and fun

+ Great music

+ Lots of replayablity with challenges

+ Beautifully recreated levels

– A bit short

7/10 Great

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