Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (2005) HD (2010) [Retro] Review

Chaos Theory (CT) is the third entry in the Splinter Cell franchise and once again follows agent Sam Fisher on his quest to save the day and prevent war. The story for CT is once again simple someone is trying to launch missiles at the US and Sam is tasked to find out who and why. Despite being relatively simple the story is a lot more interesting than previous entries in the franchise and provides characters with a bit more personality than before.

Graphics once again have been improved solidifying Splinter Cell as one of the best video game franchises from that generation graphically. This comes in handy with the differing locations. Even different missions that take place in the same country have varied locations (such as a bathhouse and hi-tech offices).

Gameplay has once again improved bringing the franchise from the basic beginnings of the original up to date. Melee attacks come a lot more in handy here than previous iterations. Gone are the clunky and slow punches Fisher would throw which would end in you losing the majority of your health. This is replaced with a simple stab of the knife of punch which knocks out your foe with one hit. This is a welcome addition as it goes perfectly with the sneaking gameplay Splinter Cell encourages.

Playing on normal difficulty also means that dying from shootouts is less frequent and bullets to less damage to Fisher. The alarm system is revamped once again this time increasing levels up to 4 with the final level resulting in optional and secondary objectives being locked. This provides the game with a substantial amount of replayability to find the best way to tackle each mission. This is coupled with a results screen at the end of each mission which provides you with how well you took on each objective with a final percentage score at the end.


Overall CT is the best Splinter Cell of the original trilogy, providing the perfect blend of gameplay elements to make it feel like you are playing as a secret agent. Gameplay is fun and non intrusive and the difficulty levels allow you to make the game significantly easier than previous entries.

+ Good blend of gameplay

+ Great graphics

+ Varied locations

8/10 Great

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