Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (2013) [Retro] Review

Metal Gear Rising is the perfect blend of Metal Gear and Devil May Cry I didn’t know I needed. Set 4 years after the events of MGS 4, Rising follows Raiden from MGS 2 as he uncovers a plot to start a war between the US and Pakistan. It is a plot seen in many espionage games and doesn’t cover new ground here, however it is a nice change of pace to the often convoluted and confusing storylines in the Metal Gear series.

Gameplay is where this game excels, if you have ever played DMC then you know how this game plays, you hack and slash your way through enemies, building combos and hacking off body parts. It’s not quite as fun as DMC and lacks the fun names when you build up high combos but gets the job done and once you get the hang of slashing and parrying enemies can make you feel quite skilful. The use of blade mode adds to this by slowing down time so you can slash off as much as possible quickly.

The graphics are also nice with some of the best on the PS3 however the locations are very much one note with a lack of variety making areas a tad bland. The story is also short especially when you consider other Metal Gear games.

The bosses are another area where this game really excels. There are a handful of bosses in the game, each with their own unique personality and fight style that means you have to really hone your skills to take on each of them. For example, I hadn’t really used the parry ability until the second boss fight where it became essential. This not only shows off all that Rising can do but also builds up your skill set for the final battle in a way that is organic and adds to your repertoire.


Metal Gear Rising might not be a match made in heaven but it is definitely a combination that works. Producing fun gameplay and enjoyable boss fights that challenge what you know to make you a better player.

+ Fun gameplay

+ Interesting and unique boss fights

– Short, basic story  

7/10 Good

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