F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (2009) [Retro] Review

Fear 2 is, in my opinion, is a vast improvement over the first instalment. When I played the original Fear I was expecting a creepy horror first person shooter. Instead I was met with a basic shooter that barely had any horror elements until the end.

I’m pleased to say Fear 2 makes good on what I felt like I was promised from the original. You play as Becket, a special forces operative who aims to take a president of a corporation into protective custody. Naturally your character gets separated from his team and is stalked by the creepy Alma and various ghostly visions.

The story is sound with various aspects of creepiness to make you feel appropriately unsettled. Gameplay is that of your standard shooter, you can pick up various different guns and weapon types to take out your enemies. It’s what you would expect of a shooter and doesn’t try to break new ground here.

The graphics are also what you would expect of a game from last generation, with solid character models and environments. The environments in themselves vary. Not just a basic office building but underground facilities and even a school to mix things up.


Fear 2 was a lot better than I thought it would be after the lacklustre original. It provided a suitable creepiness that made it feel like the horror game the franchise intended it to be.

+ Good story

+ Creepy gameplay

– Unoriginal gameplay


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