Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009) [Retro] Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (UA2) builds on what its predecessor did before to create a much more cohesive game.

UA2 follows the story of the Civil War arc from the comics which many would now be familiar with thanks to the MCU film. Thanks to this the story is strong compared to the original story of the original.

Gameplay is also strong with a variety of heroes to choose from. However I didn’t find myself encouraged to use anyone but the core I picked at the start of the game and I feel if I did I would have been confused with the different moves each character possessed. That being said, with the heroes I selected gameplay flowed pretty well and provided me with a good hack and slashing time.

There are various features within the game, such as collectible to find, and upgrades for your characters. The ability to play a new game plus of sorts, retaining all of your upgrades and collectibles creates replayablity. This is coupled with a chose halfway through the game on which side to take in the ‘Civil War’ that features different missions and locations.

Graphics wise the game looks nice, the locations are varied enough to feel progress through the story and character models are created with care. There is also an option to get new costumes for various heroes which makes up in part for its relatively small roster.


UA2 is much better than its predecessor with and improvement of visuals, gameplay and story but the main thing that lets it down is its small roster and the lack of encouragement to switch out your heroes.

+ Fun gameplay

+ Varied locations

+ Good story

– Small roster of heroes

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