F.E.A.R. 3 (2011) [Retro] Review

Fear 3 is exactly what this franchise should have been from the start and is precisely what a first person horror shooter should be.

In Fear 3 you once again take the role of the Point Man, the protagonist of the first instalment, and once again you are hunting down Alma, a mysterious girl who is trying to tear apart the fabric of reality by giving birth. This time though you are joined by his brother Paxton who he killed in the first game.

The game can be played in co-op but I did not experience this. As far as gameplay goes it is much more fluid than previous instalments, you are able to carry two guns at once, take cover and once again slow down time. The use of cover is a much needed addition to the franchise as previously all you could do was crouch behind something and hope not to get shot. This is a nice guarantee of not getting hit whilst catching your breath.

The environments are very diverse, not only does the game produce brilliant graphics that is at the top end of the PlayStation 3, but each chapter takes place in a distinct and different environment. Be that the suburbs, a shop, or airport, I found myself enjoying exploring the different environments instead of the same look buildings other first person games can be guilty of. They don’t just look nice either, they also provide an aura of creepiness integral to making a game feel like a horror, and I found myself appropriately creeped out on several occasions.


Fear 3 builds on what Fear 2 started and makes this game the quintessential Fear experience. It is easily the best game of the trilogy and the diverse environments make you feel like you are playing a unique creepy experience with each chapter.

+ Excellent creepiness level

+ Brilliant graphics

+ Unique environments


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