Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (2019) Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (MUA3) might just be the quintessential experience for Marvel fans. The story of MUA3 is one we’ve heard before, Thanos is out to get the infinity stones so he can wreak havoc across the universe. You may have watched this or read this before but because of this it provides more accessibility than if the game covered a more obscure story. Although the basic plot is familiar the journey to the destination is different and takes you to many different locations across the Marvel universe.

These locations are stunning, the Nintendo Switch might not be the most powerful console on the market but I find when a game is engineered specifically for the console it rarely looks bad. When playing on TV the graphics are crisp and colourful and also provide a cartoonish flair to the designs which fits perfectly with the comic book environments. When played in handheld mode the graphics aren’t quite as nice but still pretty good.

Gameplay is maybe the most fun that I have had with this franchise, you have your standard basic moves and strong moves but also a slew of energy powers that you can unlock throughout and each character has their own unique powers although some have similar effects (such as something to attack from a distance). There is also the new synergy attacks which combine energy powers with that of another hero for an even more powerful attack. Things can get quite frantic but with the new hero camera the action is easier to follow. I also think I only encountered one or two framerate issues and that was when things were particularly crazy near the conclusion of the story.

The heroes that you can choose from are vast, from a variety of corners of the Marvel universe and so are their voice actors. Spidermans voice is provided by Yuri Lowenthal who voiced him in the PS4 game, the guardians are provided by the same cast that did the telltale series etc. There is more encouragement to switch between characters because when you unlock new ones they are automatically the same or even higher levels than your current team. However, if you haven’t used a hero for a while then they can become severely under levelled. This can be counteracted by the experience cubes you can find but I found myself using them for my own team to make them more powerful.

You can also compete in infinity trials which task you with completing certain parts of the game or waves of enemies often with specific requirements (such as no heroes defeated). These are fun and can be useful for levelling up but some of the rewards, such as costume changes, can be just a simple pallet swap and therefore underwhelming.


MUA3 is the most fun I have found with an ultimate alliance game, it provides you with the opportunity to play with a multitude of heroes and experience a variety of their powers to provide you with the quintessential Marvel experience. It might not break ground in terms of story or gameplay but is incredibly fun regardless.

+ Fun, crazy gameplay

+ Beautiful, colourful graphics

+ Variety of heroes to play as


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