Dead Space 2 (2011) [Retro] Review

Dead Space 2 builds on its predecessor to provide a truly creepy experience.

The story of Dead Space 2 is a continuation of the saga of Isaac Clarke, a man who was tormented on a space station by a mysterious artefact that made him see his wife who turned out to be dead the whole time. The game begins with Isaac being questioned about the happenings on the first game and being committed as insane. But when the necromorphs start infiltrating the facility horror ensues. The story is good and builds on what came before making you wonder if it is all in Isaacs head or not.

The graphics of Dead Space 2 are what you would come to expect from a PS3 title, they are good but they aren’t breaking any ground here. The environments can be a bit samey but that’s not as big an issue in a title like this.

Where Dead Space really nails its genre is with the gameplay. The gameplay is pretty much the same from the first game, which is a good thing because the combat by cutting limbs off is intuitive and unique for the time. It is something not really seen until this year’s Resident Evil 2 remake. And it is Resident Evil that this game draws inspiration from. Much like that franchise and Alien Isolation Dead Space incorporates small spaces and corridors to orchestrate and tense environment when enemies are coming at you.

These enemies are diverse and unique, there is a good variety with their own abilities to keep you on your toes. There is also a good combination of weapons with unique properties to use to take out these enemies but I only really found need for two of them as the others weren’t as useful.


Dead Space 2 builds on the suspense and horror of its predecessor to deliver a terrifying experience that makes you wonder if anything that’s occurring is actually real.

+ Compelling story

+ Nails the horror genre


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