Dead Space 3 (2013) [Retro] Review

Dead Space 3 is a continuation and potential conclusion to the Isaac Clarke saga, it begins a few months after the conclusion of Dead Space 2 with Isaac struggling to deal with all that’s happened before. Eventually journeying to stop the markers once and for all. The story is not as good as previous entries but is solid.

The graphics however are phenomenal; they are top end PS3 graphics, even bordering on next gen PS4 level. The environments, however, are not as good. They are relatively bland and samey, especially when you have played the previous entries. And when you land on a new planet they open up to a degree that eliminates the suspense and horror that Dead Space has become known for.

As far as gameplay is concerned it plays just as well as previous entries, but doesn’t add anything more. The guns (apart from a few) are now constructed rather than found or bought which can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing and once again I never found a use for any gun other than the ones you are given near the start. The guns and your rig can be upgraded again, with the guns taking specific upgrades, such as extra damage or reload speed being added to available slots and your rig being upgraded from scraps found around the environment. I liked using scraps as it added to the realism and survival aspect of the genre.

Once again there are a variety of enemies to take down but only one or two additions from the last instalment. You also, on occasion, have to fight back humans which turns the game in these moments into more of an action game than a horror game.


Dead Space 3 is a solid continuation of the franchise but doesn’t really add anything new, it also struggles to find it’s genre often failing to provide the horror and terror of previous instalments and resorting to action elements that don’t quite fit.

+ Incredible visuals

+ Solid gameplay

– Confusing genre

– Story not as good as previous instalments


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