Asura’s Wrath (2012) [Retro] Review

Asura’s Wrath (AW) was a fun experience but there isn’t too much game to this game.

In AW you take on the role of Asura who, after an incident, is sent down to a certain hell before making his way back up to the gods to unleash his wrath. For the most part the story is entertaining and well thought out but flashbacks at the start had me confused as to when certain gameplay sections took place. The game is set out into episodes, not unlike most anime, even with title cards mid episodes and each are provided with a small text epilogue with a background provided by various artists. I enjoyed this layout as it was different to how I’ve seen these types of games presented.

The gameplay is interesting, at certain points the game feels like a Japanese heavy God of War, which is a good thing but once your meter is filled the game turns into a lengthy cutscene with multiple quick time events. These are well utilised but throughout my 7 or so hours I feel like there was more cutscenes and QTEs than actual gameplay.

The graphics are generally top end for the PS3 but it was sometimes difficult to tell if it was cell shaded or not as some of the main characters seemed to be stylised slightly different from others.


Asura’s Wrath is a good game, and I would recommend it for any fan of God of War or often ridiculous anime such as Dragonball as it is the perfect combination of both. However, the gameplay being sparse made me want a more thorough experience.

+ Fun presentation of episodes

+ Good graphics

– Slightly confusing story

– More cutscene than gameplay


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