The Saboteur (2009) [Retro] Review

The Saboteur provides a fun experience that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

In Saboteur you take on the role of Sean Devlin, an Irish hard drinking race car mechanic, who helps the French resistance after the death of his friend during World War II. Overall the story is well thought out and the missions all move the story along.

Gameplay wise the game isn’t dissimilar to GTA and other Rocksteady franchises, you are in the open world city of France where you can visit various landmarks, including climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower (and jumping off it). Many of the missions provide you with the opportunity to sneak your way through however when things go south (as they often do) you can shoot your way through with a small selection of guns or hand to hand combat. The combat isn’t anything new here and if Pandemic had a bit more time on their swan song then maybe they could have created something a bit more fleshed out but it does the job and is still fun to play.

There are a variety of non essential side missions and races to complete throughout the story that, although not compulsory, are still interesting and provide more information to flesh out the lives of the resistance within France.

The graphics are generally pretty good with the country side providing occasional dodgy looking grass and trees. There were a few occasions where some parts of the world hadn’t quite loaded before I drove up to it but it was nothing that took me out of the game. There is also an interesting black and white aesthetic that covers the screen when you enter parts of France that are still fully under Nazi control. This is only switched to colour when you complete certain missions in the area to partially liberate the sector.


The Saboteur is a fun game from start to finish, it provides you with a lived in open world France that was always enjoyable to explore and missions that aren’t to taxing. Its relatively short gameplay time compared to other similar games leaves you wanting more and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

+ Fun gameplay and missions

+ Interesting story

+ Black and white aesthetic unique

– Occasional graphical issues


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