Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City (2012) [Retro] Review

Racoon City (RC) is a Resident Evil game with a twist, gone are the spooky survival horror elements that the series helped define and in is a team shooter that barely scratches the surface in terms of the franchises convoluted yet interesting mythology.

You can play as one of several different characters, each with their own abilities and skill set however there is no reason to play as anyone other than the one you pick at the start. Gameplay is pretty simple, it’s pretty much a run and gun and there is no real threat here. It’s mindless but fun and enjoyable.

The story is basic, it tries to intertwine sections with previous mainline Resident Evil games but doesn’t do so with any real impact. It is still fun to see another viewpoint of the infamous Racoon City incident and I would have preferred if it delved into this deeper, especially considering the games very short completion time.

The graphics are what you would come to expect from a PS3 game but don’t quite reach the heights of Resident Evil 6 (despite its flaws that game looked pretty good for its time) and the environments are simple and samey.


RC had so much potential, it was set up to deal with well known stories from the Resident Evil franchise and give them different eyes but it fails to do so in any meaningful way. The gameplay is uninspired but still fun however the short lifespan lets this game down further.

– Short story that fails to meet potential

– Basic and samey environments

– Simple and basic gameplay although fun


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