Dead Rising (2006) [Retro] Review

Dead Rising was originally released within the first year of the 360’s life cycle however I finally played it in its entirety on the PS4. For those who are unfamiliar, Dead Rising is basically Dawn of the Dead on acid (so much so there was a law suit but we won’t go into that). You take on the role of photo journalist Frank West who travels to a mall to investigate a story only to find it has been overrun by zombies. He must then attempt to rescue the people around the mall whilst trying to discover the mystery of this outbreak.

The story is solid and cartoony which fits its dark comedy tone perfectly. This is combined with ‘psychopaths’ that you can encounter that are ridiculously enigmatic, they range from comedic to genuinely terrifying.

The gameplay is clunky initially, especially considering advancements in the past 13 years but are solid and help with the terror of running away from hundreds of zombies. The best part of the gameplay in Dead Rising is the variety of weapons you have at play. This can range from chainsaws and guns to toy sword and basically anything you can pick up and throw. This coupled with a variety of clothing options for Frank which can change the game from a dramatic horror to a comedy. Wearing a lego head for the entirety of the game can drastically change the tone.

The AI is basic but you don’t want much from mindless zombies and the human enemies and be pretty wily and difficult to corner when you need to. The graphics, specifically on the up scaled PS4 version I played were pretty good. It can almost stand toe to toe with early PS4 released aside from some blocky fingers and the like.


Dead Rising is a good game that can take some time to settle in to but when you do it is worth the struggle of the first few minutes of gameplay. The story is good and there are a variety of endings depending on how you play as well as a variety of ways to dispatch your enemies to deliver and overall very enjoyable experience.

+ Fun and unique gameplay

+ Surprisingly strong graphics

+ Dark and comedic story


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