Heavenly Sword (2007) [Retro] Review

Heavenly Sword (HS) is a severely underrated game that has somehow fallen by the wayside as we have moved on to the next generation.

In HS you take on the role of Nariko, a warrior princess out to protect her clan and village. The basics of the story are simple but it is the cast of villains and supporting characters that build the story into a heartfelt, quirky and fun adventure. The villains need a specific mention as they are bizarre and fun, they remind me of over the top Spider-Man villains, in a good way.

The gameplay is what you would come to expect from a hack and slash game, the controls and gameplay (intentionally or not) take inspiration from the likes of Devil May Cry and God of War. You have one button for certain attacks and one for another but you have 3 different fighting styles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You can also block but you need to be in the matching style to block these attacks which adds a layer of skill needed to master the game.

The graphics are good, especially considering this game came out in 2007, near the start of the PS3 life cycle and the environments are unique but all carry a similar theme so you know you haven’t travelled far.


Heavenly Sword is a very good game, it is a bit on the short side but the story is fun and interesting. The game is littered with enigmatic characters that Sony could have built a franchise around. Why there hasn’t been a sequel to this game in the last 12 years is beyond me.

+ Fun gameplay

+ Enigmatic cast of characters

+ Solid graphics


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