Saints Row: The Third (2011) [Retro] Review

The third instalment of Saints Row finally finds its feet as a true alternative to the gritty GTA.

Saints Row, for years, has been in the shadow of GTA. Seen as a GTA clone in the beginning this third instalment distances itself from its hard and gritty origins to deliver an extremely funny and often ridiculous experience.

The story of Saints Row revolves around the leader of the 3rd street saints and their quest to take the city from a variety of unique gangs and army types. It sounds pretty simple but the story takes you on wacky and wild missions, including a Fortnite style battle royale long before that was even a thing.

Gameplay is ridiculously fun, running and gunning down enemies is satisfying and easy, which is a marked improvement over GTAs combat system and includes some melee attacks that are seemingly ripped from wrestling games. The missions are unique with repeat styles rarely occurring unless you want to complete the various challenges around the city.

The graphics are what you would expect from a PS3 game and the city is vibrant with a variety of colours (often with a hint of purple around) and the environments are all different with all of the city feeling inhabited compared to early GTA games.


You can’t help but compare Saints Row to GTA, but instead of retreading the same ground The Third takes the genre in a new direction with quirky and silly missions, weapons and characters to create a fun and often hilarious experience.

+ Fun and well made gameplay

+ Hilarious missions and characters

+ Solid graphics


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