Catherine: Full Body (2019) Review

Just like a fine wine, Catherine gets better with age.

Catherine Full Body is essentially an enhanced remaster of the original Catherine that was released back in 2011. Even for players of the original this game can spring up surprises. The story of Full Body is pretty much the same. Our protagonist Vincent is afraid of commitment and begins cheating on his girlfriend with the mysterious Catherine all the while having horrific nightmares where he must scale towers by moving blocks.

Where the story is different is with the inclusion of Rin, a third love interest for Vince, but the scenes are added seamlessly and it sometimes makes you forget that these weren’t included in the original release. With Rin we see a different more caring brotherly Vince than the original game gave us. Also a few added scenes and bits of info give us more knowledge of Vince and Katherine’s relationship making Katherine a much more likeable character than just trying to for Vince to settle down.

The graphics are just as good as you remember, if not a bit better thanks to ultra HD and 4K. The cell shaded and anime art style makes you feel like you are playing an anime itself and are colourful and visually stunning.

The gameplay is essentially the same too. You must move blocks to make a path to the top of each tower. However there is a new remix mode that changes these puzzles. In remix there are certain blocks that are connected which can only be moved all at once. This adds another layer of difficulty to the game and can change levels for even the most seasoned of Catherine players and forces them to take different paths.

There are also several quality of life upgrades included. There is the ability to auto replay, which auto plays the game to get Vincent up to the same level he was at before he died which can be especially useful when in a jam you can just die and find a new path has opened up. Also when texting with various other characters the game gives you the option of what to say straight away instead of having to type out your replay, delete and repeat to find all the possible permeatations.


Full Body is exactly what remasters should be, it retains all the charm and character of the original whilst adding to the story and gameplay to make you feel like you are playing an entirely different game at times. I think if more remasters took this approach you would get a lot less complaints at people trying to make a quick cash grab.

+ Compelling story with equally compelling additions

+ Remix mode can make levels completely different

+ Quality of life upgrades

+ Beautiful graphics


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