Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS (2018) Review

I never played Luigi’s Mansion when it was originally on the Gamecube, therefore I don’t have anything to compare it too. I also am not aware of any additions or removals for this game.

For those that aren’t aware, Luigi has won a mansion in a competition (if only it was that easy) and as he’s so excited, Mario has gone on ahead to see it. But all is not as it seems. Luigi quickly discovers that the mansion is haunted and that Mario has gone missing and must therefore team up with Professor E. Gadd and his technology to rid the mansion of ghosts and find out what has become of his brother.

The story as described above is pretty good, it’s not too convoluted and is what you would expect from Nintendo. Someone has gone missing and our hero has to find them, thankfully Mario doesn’t end up being in another mansion.

Gameplay is fun and unique, there are a variety of different ghost, each with their own personalities and a lot with unique ways of capture. A lot of the ghosts have their own back stories which are short but interesting, keeping you invested in finding more and more of them. Luigi is equipped with his Poltergust vacuum which he uses to suck up his enemies, it also has the ability to push things and suck up elements such as fire to combat various puzzles. There is also money and gems to collect around the mansion but there isn’t much incentive to do so apart from a high score.

The graphics are good and I imagine there is a slight upgrade from the Gamecube to the 3DS, the environment is very one note, the whole game takes place in a mansion, but each room is unique and normally fits the ghost that inhabits it.


I enjoyed Luigi’s Mansion a lot more than I thought a would. A simple idea of a plumber vacuuming ghosts is expertly utilised here, gameplay is fun and the story is short but sweet.

+ Fun gameplay

+ Good story

+ Solid graphics

– Occasionally complicated controls


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