Luigi’s Mansion 2 (2013) [Retro] Review

Luigi’s Mansion 2 (also referred to as Dark Moon in other territories) is the sequel to the original 2001 game. It expands in almost every way but fails to live up to the fun of the original.

Luigi is once again asked to tackle some ghosts by Professor E. Gadd but this time things are different. Luigi hasn’t won a competition and none of the environments are even his mansion (in fact 2 out of the 3 aren’t even houses). The moon that once kept the ghosts peaceful has been shattered and Luigi must find all the pieces to restore order. The story is solid albeit a bit long winded and the simplicity of the original story is missing.

The gameplay on the other hand is a little bit easier to handle, movement is easy and the use of the Poltergust is generally easier to use. The only problem I had was that when fighting a bunch of ghosts at once it can cause a lot of thumb pain as you move the stick in the opposite direction to capture the ghosts. The puzzles are invented and instead of elemental vacuum powers you now use the environment to provide water or fire which creates slightly more complex puzzles. The bosses are also a bit more unique with the way that you tackle them.

The graphics are good and seem a bit smoother and rounder than the originals, the environments are also varied with 5 chapters each taking place in unique areas. The issue I had with this was that not all of them were mansions and I was missing the Resident Evil esque horror elements on a tight, singular mansion that the original provided.


Luigi’s Mansion 2 never quite reached the same heights for me as the original, with the first instalment provided an element of child friendly horror and didn’t over stay its welcome. I found a few of the missions and chapters a bit of a chore to get through and welcomed the mansions that were featured. The gameplay took a step in the right direction by building well on its predecessor.

+ Fun gameplay

+ Interesting puzzles

– Over long story

– Environments missing the horror


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