Borderlands 3 (2019) Review

Borderlands 3 epitomises exactly what it means to be a fun and silly first person shooter with several emotional hooks that pull at your heart strings.

For anyone who has played a Borderlands game in the past they will know what to expect from this game, there is a story involving vaults, lots of wacky missions and characters and an almost excessive array of guns to choose from.

The story of Borderlands features twins who are hell bent on destruction and becoming gods whilst conquering all the vaults they can, your character (whoever you choose to be) joins the resistence, once again led by the siren Lillith to help take them down and get to the vaults before the villains.

The graphics and environments are beautiful, not exclusively based in Pandora you journey to several different planets, each with a unique look, such as a swamp or a high tech city. Each environment is beautifully crafted and features vibrant colours as do the guns and characters, this is supported by some excellent voice acting (even if Troy Baker wasn’t involved) bringing them to life.

Gameplay is what you would expect from a first person shooter and a borderlands game with not much added from previous instalments. Various upgrades and abilities are extremely useful when it comes to certain battles and the bosses are almost universily tough. Even with a lower difficulty setting it can ecome difficult to take down some of the bigger enemies due to the unforgiving environment or circumstances surrounding the fight. The missions vary from wacky and fun to straight forward but all are enjoyable. I was concerned at first because the environments and missions didn’t grab me from the start but after a few hours into the story the world(s) started to open up and things didn’t feel so claustrophobic as I once thought.


Broderlands 3 is a must for any Borderlands fan, full of wacky and weird characters, missions and weapons and enough Easter eggs to fill everyone’s basket. The ability to play through the story on a harder difficulty after completion in a form of challenge mode can keep you coming back for more over and over again.


+ Beautiful graphics

+ Hilarious characters

+ Fun and well thought out missions

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