WWE 2K20 (2019) Review

Let’s not beat around the bush. There are a ton of flaws and glitches that WWE 2K20 really shouldn’t have been shipped with. Personally I didn’t encounter that many issues however the evidence is insurmountable and here are some of the issues players have encountered:

  • Crashes
  • Short leg superstars
  • Wacky physics
  • Broken lighting
  • Glitching face textures

The only issues I encountered through my playthrough were some glitchy lighting in some scenarios, excessive rope physics (wasn’t really an issue, just very bouncy) and my career characters hair was had a life of its own in most cutscenes. Don’t get me wrong there is no excuse for this kind of quality in a fully priced game but none of the issues I encountered hindered my enjoyment of the game.

That being said let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the game, the first area of interest is the showcase mode, which this year features the careers of the four horsewomen of the WWE. It’s a showcase I hold dear to my heart as I have been enthralled in their careers from the moment they joined NXT so it was fun to play these matches I remember watching on my TV live. These matches consist of objective base gameplay, some of which appeared to be relatively meaningless but still fun nonetheless. The only issue with showcase is the fact that sometimes a small mistake or simply the AI pinning someone else can result in you having to play the whole match over again, this was especially frustrating in triple threat matches such as this year’s WrestleMania main event which I had to play through multiple times.

The other main feature is the myPlayer career mode, this year it features both male and female characters which you play as simultaneously. I enjoyed this as I didn’t have to rehash similar stories but just as a different gender. The career actually features fully fleshed out storylines that are the best parts of wrestling Red’s (the female protagonist) are more serious and of higher quality whereas Tre’s (the male protagonist) are more wacky and silly which wrestling can be a lot of the time. Voice acting is also back with every superstar who speaks being voiced by their actually counterpart. No weird John Cena voices here folks. And the voice acting actually isn’t that bad. It’s not the best in the industry but it is fun and the main characters have some silly bordering on funny lines that made me giggle more than once. The story also has quite a bit of heart, especially towards the end, more than you’d expect from a 2K WWE game anyway.

The gameplay has been reinvented to some degree, reversals have been swapped to face buttons and finishers and signatures are now resigned to a double face button press. I found the gameplay slow and sluggish to begin with but towards the end of my time I found it much more like I was playing an actually wrestling match.

The graphics I found very inconsistent, some superstars look great but you can tell the wrestlers that they spent more time working on as some look downright bizarre. It is definitely a step down from last year which is baffling as I’m sure it would have been easy to reuse certain models and elements. Some of the game looks pretty current gen whereas some was very PS3 blocky.

Not much has changed with regards to universe mode and I found myself more wanting to play GM rather than universe God as I often found that there was little reason to do anything apart from trophy hunting. I feel you could still have the fun customisation options for the shows but with an actual goal of trying to beat the rival show.

The creation suite is also mainly unchanged but I found that some of the options were lacking and there was often too much choice but I’d rather have that than too little. Also the create an arena seemed to be lacking certain show logos compared to other iterations. I don’t see why they couldn’t include all of WWE’s past and present logos so you could create any arena from the past, also having certain arena parts but having to create them yourselves seems like a strange idea. There is also no championship creator but it’s allegedly going to be patched in at a later date.

I was also able to play the first of the 2K Originals: Bump in the night. This features a much shorter showcase mode but once again taps into the wackiness of wrestling facing challenges through a swampy version of Bray Wyatt’s compound and comes with new warped versions of characters, weapons, moves, arenas and towers to complete. It was fun and I’m happy that there is more to play in these DLCs this year than just a few superstars you may not care about. The towers in this mode were also fun and resulted in unlocking more crazy things for the game. Towers this year also have the ability of continuing from your last opponent if you use which I don’t remember from last year.


There are many flaws and glitches with 2K20 which make it relatively frustrating and unplayable for most players however I can only account for my own experience which was actually pretty enjoyable. The showcase mode is fun as always and the 2K Originals looks to build on these. The career mode is probably the best since 2011 with fun comedy and fleshed out storylines that kept me engaged throughout. Gameplay has also gotten a bit better but it will be difficult not to overlook its issues.

+ Highly enjoyable career mode

+ Showcase mode

– Inconsistent graphics

– Glitches galore

– Inconsistent creation variety


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