MediEvil (2019) Review

I’ve played a lot of remakes and remasters in the last few years, some have just had a fresh coat of paint such as the Resident Evil games and some have been fully ground up remakes such as Crash and Spyro. For me, especially when it comes to ground up remakes, a perfect remake is something that incorporates all that made the original fun, without losing its charm but with various quality of life or secret additions. MediEvil, generally, sits in the middle of this with little in the realm of new additions.

The story of MediEvil is of course the same as you remember, Sir Daniel Fortesque is a warrior that has been incorrectly honoured for his minimal part in a war with a sorcerer, now that the sorcerer is back he must prove that he is worthy of this honour. There isn’t much story development throughout the game and you tend to just follow the trail of Zarok the sorcerer from level to level. I would have liked a few more story points from this remake as I feel that there isn’t much development as to why Zarok does these things and is looking to take over the world of Gallowmere. All of the voice acting is as good as the original game with most, if not all, of the lines being re recordered by the original voice cast.

The graphics are gorgeous, with a cartoony realism that you would expect from a game with this type of humour. Levels are lovingly recreated with colours that add to the macabre, Tim Burton-esque themes seen throughout the game.

Gameplay wise the game is relatively unchanged, Sir Dan has the same moves and weapons at his disposal and plays pretty much exactly how you remember. Control does seem a lot less clunky than the original and some of the controls have been mapped to more recent common uses (such as X to jump instead of O). The camera is also a bit temperamental as you would expect with most platformers but is made easier to control with the help of the thumb sticks. There is also a lack of checkpoints which is a relic of the past that adds to the frustration (especially in the middle levels) when you die and have to start a level from the beginning again.

There is a new addition to the game in the lost souls you have to find and return to their rightful place. These don’t appear until towards the end of the game but are a fun addition and require you to revisit past levels to find them and return them to other levels after completing a small challenge such as killing certain enemies. These were a fun addition and resulted in a really cool unlockable *SPOILERS* This being the addition of the full original game being included on the disc! This is something that was unexpected and I think should be an addition to all remakes. *SPOILERS*


Overall MediEvil is the almost perfect remake; it includes all the charm and wit of the original whilst improving on lots of it. The addition of the lost souls adds extra playtime and something new for people who have played lots of the original but the lack of checkpoints adds a frustrating element that could have been avoided.

+ Beautiful graphics

+ Lost souls addition (and secret it unlocks!)

+ A few quality of life additions

– No checkpoints


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